Stoney Lake Fishing

Limited visitation and angling pressure is the first draw to these nutrient rich bodies of water. A complete fishery waters management program is firmly in place, closely monitoring water levels/angling days/fish populations, natural and enhanced (triploid & diploid rainbow trout). These lakes are strict rainbow trout only habitats. 


The Approach

At 3500 feet in elevation, the ice-off period can vary from season to season. Normally, give or take a week, the lakes become ice-free and turned over by the end of April. Due to maximum southern exposure, common southerly winds speed up a sometimes minimal turn-over phase. The spring season & temperatures usually extend to the end of June. The warmer summer fishery usually runs from mid July to mid August. The normal fall phase extends to around November 1st, where the ice-on period usually occurs. Stoney Lake is much deeper and holds numerous sunken islands and pocket shoals, where Minnie Lake is much wider and shallower.


The Boats

Every room at Stoney Lake Lodge includes unlimited use of a custom flat bottom fly fishing skiff for two people. All of our boats are flat floor decked, carpeted, front and back anchored with oars. The boats are treated with a rubber based interior and exterior to eliminate unnecessary noise. Electric motors and batteries are included. Guests are more than welcome to bring in their own favorite fishing craft, excluding any form of gas powered motors. Fully guided fly fishing trips include extra wide 14' guide boats.