Salmon Lake Fishing

The spring fishing at Salmon Lake boasts that of true consistency. The lake's opening date usually falls after turn-over, therefore kicking off a great spring season of catching rainbow trout.


The Approach

Typical hatches of Chironomids and Mayflies are generally the first insect movements. At the same time, Leeches, Freshwater Shrimp (Scuds), Damsel nymphs, Dragonfly nymphs are all on the move as the waters warm up. During the warmer summer months, the fishing remains steady, for those who choose to search the depths with sinking lines. Larger common attractors and Leech imitations are the ticket during the summer fishery. As Fall starts to show its colors, the waters cool down and fishing can take place in the shallower shoals. Typical Chironomids start re-emerging in smaller amounts.


The Boats

Salmon Lake Resort has 12' fishing rowboats for rental. As well, gas powered motors or electric motors and batteries are available. Guests are also able to bring their own boats to the resort, please also note that there is a 10 HP restriction on the lake. There is a secondary dock in place near the boat launch that has ample space for non-resort rental boats.