The Quilchena

General Store

Since 1912, the Quilchena General Store has served the local community in providing quality merchandise at honest prices. Originally built to supply stagecoach-related businesses with supplies, the Quilchena General Store has been a bustling depot of activity and news for over 100 years.


Gas pumps have now replaced the hitching rails but you can still swap stories around the potbellied stove. Quilchena General Store is a treasure chest of local art and jewelry, groceries and gifts, outdoor wear and cowboy hats.

Seasonal product and light groceries are available. The Quilchena General store is also a vendor of our world famous Douglas Lake Beef. Steaks, ground beef, pepperoni and jerky are available in small quantities!

*Please note the Quilchena General Store is closed for the season from Jan 1st - April 1st.