Minnie Lake Fishing

Guests of the Ranch House receive unlimited access and fishing privileges on Minnie Lake. Also included, if weather conditions on Minnie have deteriorated, is the access to Stoney Lake when available. At 3500 feet in elevation, Minnie lake has been quoted as one of the top producing lakes in Canada. With maximum sun exposure due to the low lying landscape, prevailing winds and structure, Minnie lake has no shortage of oxygen, or food for that matter.


The Approach

All three seasons; spring, summer and fall remain very consistent for fly fishing rainbow trout. The spring season is usually the windiest, while at any time during the season sudden Southwest winds can appear. All the regular hatches of chironomids, mayflies, damsels, dragons and traveling sedge occur. Minnie Lake inhabits some unusually larger insects than normal, leeches and scuds (freshwater shrimp) are some worth mentioning. A full selection of floating/intermediate and sinking lines are recommended as these fish can change locations and feeding habits throughout the same day.


The Boats

Four custom stillwater 14' boats with oars, anchors and chairs are included with the rental of the Ranch House. The boats are located on a dock at the South end of the lake, where also stands an outhouse and a picnic table for guests to use. Up to four electric motors and batteries are available to rent with proper charging equipment, located in a locked box charging station outside of the Ranch House. Guests are responsible for transporting/recharging rental batteries during their stay.

Guests are welcome to bring their own boats and personal water craft, but please be advised that boats must be completely clean and free of invasive plants (and may be subject to inspection/pressure washing). Gas motors are not permitted on Minnie Lake.