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Dating back over 40 years ago, our "fish camps" laid the first foundations to the start of what is now referred to our recreation business. It originally started with the love of fly fishing, with only two trophy fisheries with only modest accommodations. This has since developed into numerous options and adventure packages that span from rustic to total relaxation. If serious fly fishing for trout is your passion, or a perfect family getaway is due, please browse through our many options to find which best suits you.


Douglas Lake Ranch


Stay and play your way. From all-inclusive fly fishing packages at Stoney Lake Lodge, to family camping at Salmon Lake Resort, to private lakeside camping at stunningly beautiful Crater Lake... there's something for every type of adventure seeker on Douglas Lake Ranch. Explore your options below and book your getaway today.


World Class

Fly Fishing

For decades the Douglas Lake Ranch has retained a household name in the still-water fly fishing world. With over 12 lakes located throughout the property, understanding the importance of managing quality fisheries comes first, and it's Kamloops rainbow trout to be specific. Stocking and enhancement/management programs take place throughout the ranch to ensure large fish can thrive these waters.


Fantastic Angling Opportunities

All Season Long

Our fly fishing season starts off every year in early May and generally wraps up at the end of October. If serious fly fishing for trout is your passion, you not only have a choice of venues and lakes, but also a choice of several productive seasons.


Spring Season

May to July

These are the best months to experience the chironomid emergence. In the earliest part of the season, hatches revolve around surface temperatures, so the warmest times (10am- 2pm) are most predictable, while sun and wind are still the biggest factor.

Proven Spring Fly Patterns

Scuds (freshwater shrimp), leeches, Darner and Gomphus dragonfly nymphs and most of the traditional attractor patterns will catch fish.

Spring Line Selections

Floating lines, intermediate, and up to type 3 sinking are recommended fly-lines for spring.


Summer Season

Mid-July to Mid-August

Summer has the most daylight and typically is warmer with less wind. Mild surface algae blooms can create an "umbrella effect", keeping preferred cooler temperatures within reach. The "trophies" are caught during the warmer water phases. Dry fly opportunities occur during cool evenings and drastic temperature changes.

Proven Summer Fly Patterns

Big leeches, huge dragonfly imitations and unorthodox attractor work like magic. Traveling Sedge is choice dry fly option.

Summer Line Selections

Fast sinking fly lines (types 4-7) and tippets of 6lbs+ are the best in summer.


Fall Season

Mid-August to November

The autumn fly fishing season on Douglas Lake Ranch usually spans from mid-August to November 1st, but it can vary - the weather at our higher elevation can be somewhat unpredictable! As the season progresses closer to ice-on, large rainbows can be caught in very shallow water.

Proven Fall Fly Patterns

Periodic chironomid fishing can take place, as well as the traditional leeches, dragonflies, scuds and most of the usual attractors.

Fall Line Selections

Floating lines, intermediate, and up to type 3 sinking are best options for fly-lines during our fall season.