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Doulas Lake Ranch Trout

your opportunity to experience the very best at these premier fee fisheries

The Douglas Lake Ranch provides dedicated anglers with some of the best and exclusive stillwater fly fishing in North America. Our lakes are rich with hard fighting Kamloops Rainbow Trout weighing up to ten pounds. The following list of Exclusive Access Lakes are booked and reserved through Salmon Lake Resort.

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THE fly fishing

not your average angling experience
DLR FLyfishing

These premier fee fisheries are comprised of private lakes that all range between 10 acres to 65 acres, in other words... perfect. Our diligent management program includes a catch and release policy, and the number of anglers per lake is kept to a minimum. Guests are permitted to use fly rods with artificial flies on a single barbless hook. An over abundance of food makes it possible for our healthy Ranch Rainbows to achieve above average growth rates of two to three pounds per year. Their primary food sources include leeches, shrimp, chironomids, damsels, dragonflies, boatmen and sedges. A full selection of fly lines, four to six weight rods, and five to eight pound tippets are recommended. Anglers may also want to consider using 150 yards or metres of backing at our larger lakes as big fish can cruise these waters.

All of these lakes have 2-4 rowboats on site but visiting anglers are more than welcome to bring their own fishing craft.

Please note that a BC freshwater license is required, and a 4x4 vehicle is highly recommended.

exclusive access lake RATES

Please note the following is the rate per rod

  • PIKE'S LAKE - $60
  • HARRY'S DAM - $40


  • 15% discount on all rod fees Mon, Tues, Wed


  • Rowboat Rental [incl cushions/oars] - $30/day


  • Rod fees are based on one rod per person per calendar day from dawn until dusk
  • BC Fishing License required on all lakes
  • 4 x 4 Vehicle recommended
  • Prices do not include taxes or gratuities
  • All rates are quoted in Canadian funds and are subject to change without notice
  • Full payment is required at the time of booking
  • Cancellation Policy: 30 days, 50% non-refundable at less than 30 days notice
  • Reservations required through Salmon Lake Resort
  • Major credit cards and Debit accepted
  • Note there is no ATM on the premises


our private lakes

Pikes Lake

RODS PERMITTED: 8 | ROWBOATS: 3 | SIZE: 65 acres | depth: 20' | elevation: 3200'

Access through the Cowboy camp at Chapperon Lake, a small locked gate delivers guest access into this long time angler's favorite. Pike's Lake has been known to boast extremely large Rainbow Trout to patient anglers. Fish of the double digits can cruise these waters, with an average of 3-5 pounds being more of the normal. Pike's Lake is managed as a trophy fishery, therefore it retains a moody characteristic as quality outweighs quantity here. A calculated amount of Triploid Rainbow Trout are stocked annually. Access to Pike's is fairly easy, being located about 20 minutes from either the Home Ranch or Salmon Lake Resort.

Harry's Dam

RODS PERMITTED: 6 | ROWBOATS: 3 | SIZE: 10 acres | depth: 24' | elevation: 3400'
Located further up the Chapperon Lake road, lies the one of the most picturesque stillwaters of the Douglas Lake Ranch. As a super small, highly productive lake, Harry's Dam is an ideal lake for families, beginner fly fishermen or just about anybody that's interested in spending a day catching and releasing numerous fish in the 1-3 pound range. This Lake is managed as a quantity fishery, yet every season fairly large trout have been caught and released here. Harry's Dam is stocked twice a year with Triploid Rainbow Trout and is located about 40 minutes from either the Home Ranch or Salmon Lake Resort.


RODS PERMITTED: 8 | ROWBOATS: 1 | SIZE: 55 acres | depth: 24' | elevation: 3000'

Temporarily closed - under study / data retrieval

Located near Chapperon Lake, sits the newest of our managed access fisheries. We are still collecting data on this fishery, as the numbers and populations are that of world class measure. Little Chapperon hosts a mix of Triploid Rainbow Trout and course fish. To date, catch reports have been extremely high, with numerous fish in the 2-4 pound class, with some extra large Rainbows being released. Access is fairly close and we are excited to offer this gem of a lake, to our customers of the Douglas Lake Ranch.

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